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Wednesday Wisdom: Mundane Days

When life seems mundane and mechanical, how do we strive for the bigger picture? 

Wednesday Wisdom: Mundane Days

While living in Eastern Europe, life seemed to be an endless, exciting journey. My job there was relationally focused, full of meeting new people and sustained through a dynamic, far-from-routine schedule. Even on the seemingly most boring days, the adventure was undeniable.

Presently, I’m settling into the norms of American life with regular working hours at a desk – a routine that the type-A in me loves – and a lot of familiarity in my days. Consistency is nice, but it easily seems mundane. 

And I continually come back to Luther’s question: What will you do in the mundane days of faithfulness? When life has us between chapters, taking a step back from the adrenaline-pumping adventure, there has to be something larger than ourselves that we’re working toward. Otherwise, the idleness of mundane days makes us no different than dead leaves drifting aimlessly here or there across the grass. 

No matter the season of life, what is your larger purpose? Take advantage of the mundane days to faithfully pursue something more, and leverage the strength of every day toward getting there.