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The Spirit of Innovation

Think for a moment about the spirit of innovation.

The Spirit of Innovation


It is an energy that rises in response to seeing something that was missed before. It is genuine humility that releases exuberance — because what is seen was there all along, so the innovator finds delight in her oversight.

The vision of this "new thing" compels the innovator to keep looking at what's already present and what's already moving in the direction she wants to go. She takes hold of more of what is seen the more the energy takes hold of her.

She acts on the vision, and she makes it visible and valuable to others, who feel the spirit, too. Others' engagement with the innovation is second, but not secondhand, and never second-rate. The energy builds beyond the first event.

The law of entropy does not apply here. For even as the innovator's own energy declines, as the heightened experience naturally exhausts her, others who have witnessed the innovation run with it in ways the innovator could not have imagined — that is, until she sees it, and she delights again, and her energy rises once more.