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Reflecting on Good Work

As the semester is coming to an end and my freshman year of college is wrapping up, I have spent some time reflecting on how much my life has changed in one short year — especially for the better. Here at Signal Hill, we value the importance of giving thanks for good work, whether our good work is a thorough email, a well-thought-out blog post, or a project that’s been a long time coming. 

Reflecting on Good Work

Photo by Morgan Whithaus

There are so many things to be thankful for in our everyday life — small, quiet victories or big and loud achievements. When we take a few moments to reflect on the good work done by ourselves and by others, we become more confident in who we are and we learn to value our coworkers, family and friends more.

During my first year of college, I can look back and see how my good work, even in my first semester, has paid off. I worked hard in my classes and took a challenging course load including an upper level communications class, that I actually ended up loving. I reached out to professors and asked about opportunities I could take part of in the near future. I learned about an opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica this summer, I found out that students could partake in internships even during their second semester of college, and I was approached about presenting research at a college-wide research achievement day.

Through staking out the opportunities around me and dedicating myself to my classes early on in college, I have the opportunity to be grateful for my good work that has set me up for three more exciting and opportunity-filled years of college. Through my good work early on in college, I will now be learning conversational Spanish in Costa Rica during the month of June, I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship at Signal Hill and most recently, I presented at the research achievement day with a friend where we were able to share the story behind our immigration advocacy work. 

And as I look past myself for examples of good work in action over the past year, I clearly see the passion and delight that so many of my coworkers at Signal Hill have for their everyday work. Our team meeting are joy-filled as my coworkers collaborate on projects for various clients and on new marketing strategies for Signal Hill’s news venture Senior Correspondent. In my family I have seen my dad put in good work as his determination to help the golf players he coaches succeed was a main factor in the team’s recent ACC win. And finally, as I spend moments of my free time designing a video and hanging up decorations for an event my friends are putting on to allow our class to celebrate freshman year, I see their good work through the countless late nights and tired brainstorming sessions. 

With so much to celebrate, both in my personal life and in the lives of those around me, I truly enjoy taking the time to reflect and give thanks for good work.