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Love People. Use Things.

Entering into "the real world" affords fresh college graduates the opportunity to indulge in once inaccessible luxuries. Conversations of new cars and designer clothes ebb and flow between friends these days. We worked four years to obtain the biggest paycheck we can, right?

Love People. Use Things.


Or did we?

I recently watched a documentary called "Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things," and it put into words a perspective that I had not quite been able to qualify. This school of thought values quality over quantity. Passion over possessions. People over things.

While some people take this mentality and run with it, selling their possessions and living out of their van, whilst traveling the country, my take is much more inspiration instead of full implementation. I plan to obtain a full-time job and enjoy simple luxuries. However, this mind set comes at a key point in my life. Before I have been able to run wild and fill a new apartment with frivolous things, I can allow this motto to soak in, and perhaps, be an underlying compass that may direct me in my future endeavors. 

Does having more things inhibit our ability to care for others? No. But, does valuing "stuff" over people and relationships? Possibly. Now, this is not to say that purchasing things will keep you from having meaningful friendships. The point is that our love for our companions should be greater than our love for our possessions.