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Invitation: To Commonwealth

I like the word "commonwealth." It's old, which makes it interesting. And it's a compound word, which multiplies its meaning. I anticipate more in the word, just as I do with "secondhand," "watershed," and "foresight."

Invitation: To Commonwealth

I am drawn to the aspiration of "commonwealth" for a state or nation. The word comes from the older "commonweal," which means our mutual well-being. It is something we share and something we shape. That's why Signal Hill's vision is about creating a commonwealth fed by our particular stories. 

Commonwealth comes to mind as I think about "enterprise," an undertaking, and "entrepreneur," one who undertakes, or takes hold of, an opportunity with some risk. We live at a time when more people expect more of enterprise and entrepreneurs. We look to business to do more than avoid harming us or the planet. We believe our enterprises can contribute to the commonwealth. 

That's a risky conviction. And an investment worthy of our aspiration. So let us take hold of this vision with hope and determination.