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Emergent, Not Static

Anyway, what caught my attention this morning was a reflection by LeRon Shults on why Emergent should resist formalizing a statement of faith. I was smiling and amening all the way through. Shults writes,

Whatever else Emergent may be, it is a movement committed to encouraging the lively pursuit of God and to inviting others into a delightfully terrifying conversation along the way…. Emergent is dynamic rather than static, which means that its ongoing intentionality is (and may it ever be) shaped less by an anxiety about finalizing state-ments than it is by an eager attention to the dynamism of the Spirit’s disturbing and comforting presence, which is always reforming us by calling us into an ever-intensifying participation in the Son’s welcoming of others into the faithful embrace of God.

Hallelujah! Read Shults’ entire reflection here.