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A Startup Spirituality

These are practices for a startup spirituality. 

A Startup Spirituality

One, see both pain and possibility in the world. Your vision must widen to the whole of reality. 

Two, notice resources already present, including the gift in your hand. You have enough to begin. 

Three, be mindful of movement in the direction you want to go. You don't manufacture energy, but you can piggyback on it. 

Four, trust the energy that arises as instinct, intuition and inspiration. The inkling in the mind and the beating of the heart is your part, so do not dismiss it. 

Five, honor the end of work. There are enough hours in the day for you to stop, rest and be renewed by the awareness of other forces at work. 

These practices are best learned in community. So join me in Raleigh on Jan. 24 for a special workshop on “The Vocation of the Entrepreneur.” Learn more here.