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A Call to Enterprise?

Why is business suspect from the get-go in our religious traditions? 

A Call to Enterprise?


Where does that come from? Is it a modern development in response to the greed and callousness of capitalism? Does it go back to the Greeks and their dualism of the spiritual and material? Is it as ancient as the curse of work? 

Look around and you see plenty of leaders who find meaning, even blessing, in work. Moreover, many of these leaders choose to create something that blesses the world — makes it healthier, more hospitable, more just. 

So how do leaders who feel a call to enterprise make sense of this vocation? What support is there? What philosophical or theological resources? What encouragement to move beyond the negative injunctions of our religious traditions (i.e. Don't take advantage of people) to affirm creative engagement in the marketplace?

We need dialogue about these questions. If you agree, join me in Raleigh on March 21 for a workshop on The Vocation of the Entrepreneur

Let's start a conversation about the meaning of work and the transformative possibilities of enterprise.