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Invest in Your Story

Book a One-Hour Consultation That Delivers Great ROI

When did you last pause amid your activity to explore your story?

At Signal Hill, we believe the best leaders regularly set aside time to explore identity. They know this is time well spent, for story inspires team members, forms culture, guides strategy, shapes products and services, and engages customers. That's why we say “Lead through story.” (For a brief intro to this concept, check out our entertaining and revealing animated series.)

So that's why we dive deep from the very start.

Our initial consultation helps you get clear about your story. The deep dive is essential, because with a clear identity you can do great things. Indeed, as Margaret Wheatley says, groups that are clear at the core have more “expansionary range.” Clarity reduces fear and nourishes freedom, which leads to flourishing.

In our one-hour initial consultation, you'll experience in condensed format our unique discovery process that moves from your story to your strengths – identifying the assets you already possess, resources that can be leveraged to amplify your story internally and externally. That significant step eliminates the tendency of strategy to be template or fantasy. What you get when get into the story is strategy that is smart, authentic and realistic. (Check out this case study to see the difference story makes.)

After you get into the story, we'll help you get the story out. Our initial consultation will result in a “story map”: a one-page pictorial with routes that leverage your story to further your business objectives.

So, here’s the math: One hour of your time + another hour of ours = inspired direction. All of that for the introductory rate of $195.

Don’t hesitate. You know that ROI is great!

If you’re ready to invest in your story, we’re ready to invest in you.​ Get started below. (If you're almost ready but have a question or two, email us today.)