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Building a Brand Through Narrative



How to reestablish a senior living brand historically known for leadership when everything changes — the market, consumers and the organization itself?


Tell stories of pioneers — team members, residents and partners who blaze trails amid change. Lead through story.


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Invest in Your Story

Flossie Lewis is a 91-year-old who teaches person-centered care to team members at her retirement community.

When we tell her story, things change at ABHOW, a nonprofit provider of senior housing and health care. A culture of leadership flourishes.

Stories about Lewis, other inspiring residents, and exceptional team members position ABHOW as one of the nation’s most innovative nonprofits. The stories engage multiple audiences in a company of pioneers.

“The reason the pioneering theme was so powerful for ABHOW is because we’re proud of our history. It links back,” says Kay Kallander, ABHOW’s recently retired senior vice president of strategic planning. Though she was at first hesitant the term would point only to the past, Signal Hill helped Kallander see the forward-thinking possibilities it kindled.

“We realized we could use the word ‘pioneer’ for the future as well,” she says. “Pioneering is not only reflective, it’s also inspiring and looks to the future. We knew there were new things coming.”

From publications and website design to video production and social media, this bold identity drives all of ABHOW’s corporate communications. Over the past decade, our work leveraged ABHOW’s heritage, clarified its identity, and ultimately positioned it in the forefront of senior living.

“The storytelling technique is incredibly powerful while being simple. Everyone can read a story and be touched by a story, and that’s powerful.”

— Kay Kallander, retired senior vice president, ABHOW

By telling the stories of pioneers, we challenge the way people think about aging. Older adults are no longer cast as helpless, but strong and independent. Team members see their impact. Communities thrive.

Through our public relations and social media management, every narrative gets high MPS — miles per story. Major media share ABHOW’s stories, including San Francisco Business Times, McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, and Senior Housing News. Trade associations such as LeadingAge and its state affiliates seek out these stories to educate and inspire other members. As many outlets reference ABHOW’s expertise when discussing industry trends, it’s evident the pioneering identity runs deep.

Since 2010, our services have garnered ABHOW 30 national awards for writing, photography, video, annual reports, website design and newsletters. These honors signal the possibilities when organizations lead through story.

“In this day of very fast communication, people are hungry for stories,” says Kallander. “The storytelling technique is incredibly powerful while being simple. Everyone can read a story and be touched by a story, and that’s powerful.”

We're always itching to take a deep dive into a new story. If you're ready to invest in your story, we're ready to invest in you. Learn more here.